VC E-liquid Recipes Rules

This is a place for you to create and release any e-liquid recipes you feel would be beneficial to the community.

By using our e-liquid calculator you agree to adhere to these rules at all times.

Creating a recipe - Please use common sense. Offensive images, titles and descriptions that are not recipe relevant are not allowed.

Notes - These are for you to detail any extra recipe relevant content, please use common sense when filling this section in.

Recipe names and Descriptions - These should be as descriptive and relevant to your recipe and not offensive, there is plenty of time to stop and think, be creative and intelligent.

Recipe comments - Please be respectful when commenting.

Anyone found to be breaking these rules will have their recipes set to private and be issued a warning, 3 warnings and you are banned from the e-liquid calculator which means you will lose access to the forum and your recipes.

By using our e-liquid calculator you agree to these rules.

We reserve the right to change these rules without notice