Homogenisation period: 3 days
Last Updated - May 2nd 2022 21:55

Spicy Spectacular (All FLV) More Anise

Rich Cinnamon fused with Anise make for an epic pairing.

Adapted from: This Recipe
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Spicy Spectacular (All FLV) More Anise
Anise - Flavor West 1.25 %
Bubble Gum - Flavorah 0.30 %
Marshmallow - Flavorah 0.30 %
Rich Cinnamon - Flavorah 0.25 %
Spearmint - Flavorah 0.20 %
Sweetness - Flavorah 0.50 %
Total Flavour2.80%

This recipe began life in the FLV Recipe Book 1 as Big Redd by The FLV Queen herself, Smokyblue.

I have increased the flavour a small amount and added the anise and super sweet which makes for a great combo.

This has been my ADV for weeks now, it's that good. If you like FLV Rich Cinnamon and Anise, you will LOVE this.

Good to go after 3 days.


Swapped out Cap Super Sweet for FLV Sweetness.

Upped FW Anise to 0.75%

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