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Rocosa Bueno #Kinder

This is my entry in the Kinder Bueno Challenge


Having never tasted a Kinder bar myself the first thing I had to do is find out, what is Kinder Bueno?

“Kinder Bueno is a unique chocolate bar with a taste experience that defies expectation.
Beneath a blanket of smooth milk chocolate lies a thin, crispy wafer filled with a creamy hazelnut filling, all topped with a delicate, dark chocolate drizzle”

Sounds like it requires some serious layers (4 in fact)…
quick breakdown:
- Starting with the blanket of smooth milk chocolate I used the best chocolate available, MF Dark Chocolate combined with Bavarian Cream WF which together gives you a great “milk chocolate” IMO,
- For the thin crispy layer (key word “thin”) I really didn’t want a heavy wafer / cookie top note, so the Crispy Wafer WF and Pie Crust OOO combo (used low) does the trick here,
- The creamy hazelnut filling was the challenge, and google results told me the filling taste like white chocolate / vanilla cream / hazelnut…
after about 4 attempts at the filling I settled on the VSO White Chocolate, Vanilla Cream Extra WF, and Hazelnut FW (being the only hazelnut in my stash),
- Finally the dark chocolate drizzle, this is where the MF Dark Chocolate in all its glory pulls double duty and finished it off with a bang!
- Added in Super Sweet for my taste.. totally optional 👌
To sum things up, I still haven’t tried a Kinder Bueno Candy bar so this is a blind mix… BUT this is so good it will be exciting to see how it fares with the other entries.

#Kinder Challenge:

Have Fun, mix often, keep it cloudy! 😎

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